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 [NeoFlash] Neo2Manager V1.6 / Neo2 Menu V1.3

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MessageSujet: [NeoFlash] Neo2Manager V1.6 / Neo2 Menu V1.3   Lun 1 Jan - 19:44

Voila , pour bien commancer l'année , la Team NeoFlash nous fait deux mise a jour :

Neo2Manager V1.6

Citation :
1. Fix one save lib bug,support Golden Sun serial multi-point save,thanks bruceg
2. Add the background upgrade checking function, can check the new version automatica.
3. Start to support NEO3-SD/MiniSD/TF serial,can use this driver to burn the NEO2/3 menu.

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Neo2 Menu V1.3

Citation :
New in this version:
* Supports NDS homebrew
* "X Button to Backup ROM" message
* Many small crash fixes (Magical Vacation 5, Monster House, etc.)
* Corrupt graphics fixes (Harry Potter, Monster Bomber, etc.)
* Many non-booting games fixed (Shrek, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, etc.)
* Many saves fixed (Final Fantasy III, etc.)
* Many "exit game" bugs fixed (Star Fox, Bust-A-Move, etc.)
* New Super Mario mini games fixed
* Supports the official *.SRL file format
* Added FAT warning function, it'll report an error if it detects
file system fragmentation, then please re-format your SD/TF

About homebrew:
Homebrew ROMs can only read files and directories from SD if they are
designed for it. That's why you see some with different builds for
"SC CF" and "SC SD", for example. There's nothing restricting homebrew
from using the SD file system. Chishm's NDS FAT lib should support
Neo2 SD well enough.

About file system fragmentation:
Also keep in mind that fragmented file systems are still not supported.
A fragmented ROM WILL have problems running. You can check for file
fragmentation using the "analyze" button in Windows XP's defrag tool.
If it warns of fragmentation, do not defragment. It is much faster to
erase all files or format the card, then copy everything you want back to it.
Rule of thumb: if you have to delete a file, you should delete them all.

About random crash:
The reason is because some MK4-mini burn with a wrong code during produce,
please check your MK4-mini version mark above the golden finger, if you
can see your MK4-mini is "MAGICKEY4-Mini VE1" or "MAGICKEY4-Mini VL2"
version and with PURPLE PCB color, then mean your MK4-mini MAYBE have
problem, and notice please:
[1] Except these 2 version, all other version working fine without any
random crash matter;
[2] Not all of these 2 version will crash, just SOME of them;
[3] If your MK4-mini have random crash matter and it's in these 2 version,
you can send back to the shop and ask for replacement.

0765 - Full Metal Alchemist - Dual Sympathy (U)
0710 - Yu Gi Oh GX Spirit Summoner (J)
0698 - Nippon Curling Kyoukai Kounin Minna no Curling DS (J)
0670 - Mezase Shoujo Manga Ka Chao Manga School (J)
0650 - Love Love Hamster (J)
0649 - Edamoto Nahomi No Shiawase Kitchen Kakushi Aji Wa Anata Ga Kimete Ne (J)
+ Other games with same issue

FIXED: (Added to custom config settings -- dev notes only)
0697 - Bokura no Taiyou Django and Sabata (J)
0614 - Magical Starsign (U)

0696 - Jump Ultimate Stars (J)
+ Other games with same issue

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[NeoFlash] Neo2Manager V1.6 / Neo2 Menu V1.3
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